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Switched and Sold

Fareham Grove Boldon Switched and Sold

On with another agent for 2 month without viewings or progress, the seller of Fareham Grove SWITCHED to Goldfinch. Our Marketing commenced in June 2018 with a proceedable offer being received & accepted the following month. SOLD & completed within 4 month.




West Avenue had been marketed with another agent for over a year with only 1 viewing. The seller SWITCHED to Goldfinch & SOLD within 3 month completed, allowing the seller to move on with their goals.





The seller of Bede Burn Road had also marketed their property with an alternative agent without success. Taking positive action they SWITCHED to Goldfinch in June 2018 accepting an offer within 5 weeks resulting in being SOLD. It went on to complete in November 2018, 5 months from making the switch.